Journal Changing

Okay everyone, I think I'm going to change journals. From this one to theangrystar. It'll probably be a slow progress (how am I going to get used to using another journal after using this one for so MANY MANY years?) but meh, it's about time. This journal has a lot of memories, so I won't delete it, and who knows, I may even come back to it.
And, who knows, I may even.... swap back and forth for different things. WE SHALL SEE.

But this is just a heads up, yo'.



I'm excited. My RP is really taking off. We've gotten quite a few members-- and while it's true we need more, we're getting more main characters than we had (it tooks us FOREVER to get a Cloud)

We've got a Sephiroth!! And she's really, really, really good! SO I'M EXCITED.

Fuck you, travel! I spit in your fucking face! AHAHAHAHA

After about sixteen hours of travel, I'm finally in Savannah. I haven't bathed, or changed since Yesterday morning (Mountain time), I took a two plane flgihts that lasted five hours in total, slept in the my clothes at mom's apartment (I had no others), then got up and packed and left. I drove to Savannah, ten hours or so (I lost an hour in Atlanta, and if I weren't such a speed demon, it would've taken me 11 or 12 to get here). I'm now here, with many things I could do-- just sit around and be lazy, which is compelling, or take a shower, put on PJs, and sit around and be lazy with some popcorn and the PS2 and my collection of video games. I think the later is what I'll do, anyway.

Maybe whilst nursing a glass of rum.

Meanwhile, noting of mine appears stolen from Ryan's house. I'm phat like that.

Tseng also seems well, he needs a bath because he's a dandruff butt.

Plug! Awesome RP Group! Go check it out. And join. Now.

I spent an angry night.

Ah, I finished my one important winter reading. I was lucky enough to get it because of both Sarah and Brian's BandN giftcard for Christmas. The final in the series!!

Despite that, I'm angry at it. I'm angry at it for tormenting me so much. I'm angry at it for not ending like I wanted it to. I'm angry at it for leaving it until the final page that I could feel at least a little bit better.

But, I'm glad, too, because I know that's what makes a good book. It is a good book, and I think that as I've read each one in the trilogy (which has taken me a long time, I started the first one while I was with Candice, and the third this winter... but, this is because of not owning it, loosing it, loosing the page after loosing it, so on) I think they've easily become my favourite set of books.

I wish there were more. I wish there were more just like them. A part of me wishes I hadn't finished because I never wanted that good thing to end.

But, as all book series do, it did. And the only thing to do now is force them upon others and reread them, and continue on.

Oh, Coldfire Trilogy. I mourn for you. I mourn for your characters. I mourn for your end.

My only therapy is shopping, now. To Express!

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Oh man, I am so unmotivated! I should work out, but I don't want to because I feel too lazy. I have to work in an hour, but I don't want to because it bores me to tears.

I should draw, but.... I just don't have anything to really... draw... really.

I am, on the other hand, having quite the amounts of fun with Sarah (despite the fact that I am sick, continously, since I've been home).

I had a dream that my mom made me leave Colorado like, two weeks early (even before Sarah), like I had only been here a week and a half, and there hadn't been any snow-- and as some people know, this may be my last break here in the great CO as my mom has moved to Jackson for a job, and my dad may retire and join her.

You never know if that'll really happen though, they're rather indecisive.

So, I am having fun, despite my laziness. I just find it hard to get motivated during Christmas time, I think, 'cause I am quite the bum.

Chanukah's coming up relatively soon, I have to finish buying Christmas presents (because my pay check hasn't come in, and I need my paycheck from mom too).


I loooooooooove Ryan. I see relationships fall apart all the time, and it worries me, because I remember how much they said they loved each other in this point of their relationships. I also have a tendency to fall very deeply into an emotion without stopping to evaluate it's authenticity. That is currently not the case, as I have evaluated and reevaluated my relationship and my emotion many a times.

I am quite happy. Even if the rest of the kids at SCAD are douchebags.


Reno is quite the cutie. AKRED'S GONNA GET LAID.

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Beverly, did you have an X wallscroll?

Meghann and Laura, Sarah and I are back in the Springs.

Candice, damn you for not reading text messages (unless you did and just ignored them, in which case damn you for hating me! <3)

And that's it. Winter Break: Start!

(I miss Ryan)

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After a month (or so, maybe less) of trouble with fleas, the scourge has subsided. My room has been taken over, as well as my cat, and my bathroom, and some of the downstairs. We used a handheld spray, gave him a bath, and a cat collar to no results (as well as cleaning and vacuuming, and washing -everything-). The fleas spread and got worse (20 a day on Ryan, I had less for some reason), and we stopped sleeping there to sleep in Ryan's house. I gave Tseng 3 flea baths, that collar, put a new coating of Frontline on him, as well as this spray that is repellent. So, he's repelled-- and I locked him in the downstairs half bath for about a week (feeding him, and paying a bit of attention to him, but you cant stay too long at the house of the fleas'll get you).

We fogged my room, with some result.

Then, we bought the Raid Flea Killing Spray stuff, and GOD it worked like a charm. Practically no fleas, we let Tseng out, and we're praying that it all goes away. SO, it might be over. Like, a month later (maybe less).

And now, back to homework. Joiven.

I think I might be Emma Frost for Halloween.